51-mm Perforating System with PowerJet, PowerFlow Shaped Charges

Schlumberger 51-mm hollow carrier guns (expendable, high shot density) are designed for use in production casing sizes 89 mm and are conveyed either by wireline or tubing.

This multipurpose system with 60 phasing and maximum shot density up to 20 spm is used with four types of charges, depending on the perforating job design. Perforating formations for production requires high shot density with deep penetration at optimum phasing. This can be achieved by using 2006 PowerJet* charges.

The charge jackets of molded engineering thermoplastic are installed in precision-cut metal loading tubes to provide precise and reliable retention of the shaped charges and alignment with the recesses on the external surface of the hollow gun carrier.

For greater efficiency in perforating operations, multiple perforating guns are connected with adapters containing explosive boosters and detonation-transfer components to provide the utmost reliability in gun-to-gun detonation. For wireline operations, the maximum gun length is limited by the cable strength and cable head weakpoint. For tubing-conveyed applications, the maximum gun length is limited by tubing parameters and other practical considerations.

The 51-mm perforating guns connect to a standard wireline cable head or a tubing-conveyance assembly. All connections of Schlumberger perforating guns are threaded and use a highly reliable fluid-sealing design with double O-ring seals in precision grooves and sealbores. For fracturing applications, centralizers are installed on the gun connections to ensure the optimal creation of uniform large-diameter holes in the casing. The design of the gun adapters allows the controlled release of any potential residual pressure after the job.


  • Applications: Wireline and tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Nominal outside diameter of gun: 51 mm
  • Gun lengths: 2 m, 3 m, 4 m and 6 m
  • Max. hydrostatic pressure: 130 or 140 MPa
  • Max. operating temperature: 204°C (1 h) or 148°C (100 h)
  • Charges: PowerJet 2006
  • Gun phasing: 60°
  • Max charge density: 20 spm
  • Gun OD, mm (inch) 51 [2] 51 [2]
    Charge 2006 PowerJet 2006 PowerFlow
    Part number H348591 H447608
    Phasing, ° 60 60
    Max. shot density, spm 20 20
    Explosive weight, gr 6.4 6.4
    Penetration, mm (API) 474.9 114.3
    Entrance hole diameter, mm (API) 5.8 11.4
    API Standard RP 19B RP 19B
    API test casing: diameter/wall, mm 73 / 5.5 89 / 5.5
    Charge type§ DP BH
    Explosive HMX HMX
    Max. operating temperature for 1 h (100 h), °C 204°C (148°C) 204°C (148°C)
    Max. operating pressure, MPa 130-140 130-140

    Recessed (130 MPa) and nonrecessed gun (140 MPa)
    Actual shot density = 19.7 spm
    § DP = deep penetrating charge


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